A Network of
Neighbors Helping Neighbors

For over a decade now in Karachi, we've made it our mission to ensure healthcare is within easy reach for all. Through neighbor helping neighbor, we've grown from humble beginnings.

Our Story So Far

It started with just three small clinics, but word spread fast of our care. Before long, people from across the city sought us out, and our family of facilities expanded. Today there are 41 clinics one can turn to for help near and dear.

Numbers Made Simple

Worth of Services Provided
Worth of Medicines Provided
Number of Patients Treated

Services With Care in Mind

When you come through our doors, you'll find so much more than treatment alone. We consider the whole person - with free tests, medicine and the like, no one need worry how to afford getting better.

Helping Hands
Who Care Alongside Us

We couldn't do what we do without support from like-minded groups. Meet some of the groups walking hand in hand with us on our journey to serve.

ZMT Kahaani
Stories Close to Home and Heart

Real people with real stories of how our care has made a difference. Hear firsthand the impact of your donations from those we've been able to help.

Join Us on Our Journey

As the years pass, our goal is 100 clinics strong. But to continue reaching
more who need us, your support is key.

Ways You Can Give

Whether it's a monthly gift, one-time donation, fundraising event or legacy giving - learn the many options for supporting our efforts financially. Every amount helps.

Investing in Local Care Pays Off

By catching small issues quickly, we prevent bigger problems down the line. And treating close to home means better access for all. Your donations go far in keeping our city healthy.

Rest Assured Your Gifts Are in Good Hands

With years of experience and all proper licenses, know that your faith and funds are well placed. We're dedicated to serving with integrity and care for many years to come.