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Hepatitis C Program


Let’s Donate for Curing Hepatitis-C Patients

Support ZMT Primary Healthcare Network to provide all deserving patients to get easy and timely access to treatment and nobody suffers because of inadequate financial resources. Hepatitis-C Program aims to prevent disability to save the lives of the poorest, marginalized section of the society suffering from Hepatitis-C in Pakistan. It is spreadable and requires strict preventions to protect others. Patients from underprivileged areas have no access to basic health care and no finances to support cure from the fatal disease.

ZMT Hepatitis-C program collaborates with The Health Foundation, THF. In this program, we facilitate the patients through screening & lab tests to timely diagnose and treat it along with treatment we provide completely free of cost medicines. The recovery rate from our treatment and medicine is over 95% from HEP-C.