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Mental Health Program


Trust Matters most!

To treat depression and anxiety in our women and children. ZMT Primary Health Care Network recently initiated its free of cost Mental Health Program intending to develop a model for the integration of mental health care through a collaborative approach by empowering the local community we are creating an awareness in our patients with Doctors, so a trusted treatment can be done without labeling any stigma.

We make sure to facilitate patients with a safe & comfortable and female-oriented environment along with the treatment we maintain the confidentiality of each individual by respecting their privacy to the highest.


In Mental Health Program of ZMT, we have collaborated with the known IRD Interactive Research and Development and Karvaan-e-Hayaat for specialized Tertiary care services, their highly qualified team visit ZMT and treat the patients through counseling and therapy sessions. It has made an immense impact in recent years, we have benefitted and recovered the number of women.

We strive to improve the mental health outcomes of patients by enabling them to manage stress, improve their relationships along with productivity, and ultimately to improve the overall health of the patient. As mental health is equally important as physical health.