From Hope To Cure Jameela’s Lifetime Story

Meet Jameela, a 40-year-old woman living in the suburbs of Karachi. Jameela’s life journey hides a chain of battle in her mind & body, courageously facing all the hurdles coming on her way. Easy access to ZMT free Primary Health Care center at her nearby hometown of Safoora Goth, Jameela managed to cure her multiple illnesses throughout her life-time treatment along with completely free medicines from 18 years of her familiarity with ZMT Primary Health Care Network.

After digging deep in her lamenting story, ZMT has been a ray of hope, an orphan young girl, married forcefully to a mentally-ill person, who beats her daily, living in financial burden, extreme poverty, carried the responsibility of home-making with bearing 9 children and feeding them by earning through sewing clothes. In between all of these happenings, ZMT’s doctor timely diagnosed her with Liver, Gastritis illness, Hypertension, and Depression.

Jameela managed to remain physically and mentally stable through routine follow-ups with quality treatment and with the regular screening of Hepatitis-C and Mental Illness. Along with free of cost lab tests and free medicines at ZMT she managed to get her children vaccinated with routine treatment and secured their future health risks.

Jameela and her children didn’t only benefit from ZMT, our doctors referred her to MMI Hospital for her child’s treatment, who was attacked by severe Pneumonia where she managed to get tertiary care and recovered her child. She shared ZMT that has been a blessing for her family as a hope to cure.

Along with the medical complications Jameela shared about her mentally-ill husband who mercilessly treats her and his own children. She wistfully said, “When she learned about ZMT Mental Health Program, it created another hope for herself and her family. She enrolled her husband for the counseling and treatment for a healthy relationship and hope in her life.”

Jameela is still in the struggling phase but she has learned self-care at ZMT. She even participates in our Patient Awareness Programs and spread about ZMT services in the neighborhood, the purpose of sharing this story is to inspire patients to get diagnose timely and treated.

Millions of patients like Jameela are benefitting from 45 clinical facilities of ZMT in the suburbs of Karachi. We are impacting & improving the lives of deserving patients. Help us and Donate to ZMT so we can strengthen Primary Health Care together.