Our Journey

A Brief Reflection on ZMT's Inception

Zubaida Machiyara Trust was established as a living homage to Zubaida Kassim, a woman of benevolence from a family of philanthropists. Though her life was cut short by illness prematurely, her memory lives on through the work of her son, Dr. Amanullah Kassim. Witnessing the financial barriers faced by many without access to even basic medical care, Dr. Amanullah Kassim envisioned establishing an equitable healthcare network to remedy this inequity. This germinated the seeds for what would become Zubaida Machiyara Trust.

In its nascent stages, ZMT inaugurated clinics in underprivileged localities, cognizant that primary care infrastructure was deficient despite augmentation of secondary and tertiary facilities. These initial establishments represented humble beginnings for the fledgling organization and its lofty aspirations to ameliorate public health.

Charting Our Course of Progression

Across the years, ZMT has expanded its purview steadily via deliberate expansion. The non-profit now encompasses 45 clinical sites dispersed strategically across major urban centers in Karachi. In growing its geographical reach and clientele base, ZMT remains committed to its founding precept of delivering quality care to all communities, irrespective of socioeconomic status.

What started as a single family's act of remembrance has blossomed into a bona fide charitable institution dedicated to ensuring healthcare equity. ZMT has come a long way in furthering its mission since its initial days comprising only a handful of clinics—a journey which will hopefully continue apace for the betterment of society.